Our Game

Space Rider is an arcade shooter full of explosions, where you must save mankind from the alien invasion.

You have at your service the best arsenal that human cans offer, with four different weapons (Repeater, Fireblaster, Rocket Launcher and Laser) and four unique abilities (Slow motion, Shockwave, Timed Bomb and Dash).

Upgrade your weapons and abilities using the money earned in combat.

Each level features a different UFO that was sighted on planet earth, the UFO shape is similar to the description/photograph of the apparition, at the beginning of each level there is a short description of how / when / where the UFO was sighted, everything is based on real reports and photographs of sightings.

To complete the experience, the UFOs appear, rotate and blink in the rhythm of the music.

About us

Diogo Palazzo Dias

Producer / Developer / Artist

About the company

Knackwire is a new game development company, founded by Diogo Palazzo Dias in August 2016, when he left his job to work on his true passion, which is to develop games.

With the focus on games for virtual reality, Knackwire aims to become a reference in this field, creating a unique experience where you can enjoy both in virtual reality and on a regular television.

In his previous job, Diogo Palazzo Dias was a Solution Architect at Ferrero of Brazil.

Knackwire consists of only one employee and intends to upgrade its team after the launch of the Space Rider.

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